Intelligent System for Optimal Geometric Design Using Fuzzy Soft PDE

In this research, a methodology is discussed to develop an intelligent system for optimal geometric design for the culinary product. An optimum geometric design meets certain specified criteria in the most efficient or cost-effective way possible. The criterion for an optimum design will depend on the specific goals and constraints of the specific problem. In this methodology, partial differential equation and weighted Bonferroni mean are consolidated to develop the intelligent system for optimal geometric designs for the required product with the blend of fuzzy soft sets. Fuzzy soft sets allow capturing the incorporation of subjective or personal opinions into decision-making processes, as well as the consideration of multiple conflicting criteria. A parameter known as the smoothness parameter is used to control the shape of the optimal geometric model. The smoothness parameter, used as a fuzzy number, is important in this developed system as it fulfills the requirements for the desired intelligent system for product design according to the industries’ demands. To verify the credibility of this system, an illustrated example is presented to design a culinary product, which is profitable for the hotel industry.

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